Financial Support

ALBERITH is a faith venture and currently financed by us, the founders, Chai Hok & Lilian (we are supported in it by a few friends who believe in the importance of, and excellence in, the preaching and teaching of God's word and have previewed the project). We have been called to live "by faith"—and, since 1993, have no drawn salary—trusting the Lord to provide in response to prayers. In the decades since, we have discovered, like Hudson Taylor, that God's work done in God's way will never lack for provisions.

It will be our joy, of course, if you share this our vision and burden, and wish to contribute to its finance. Our account number is :

Low Chai Hok
Public Bank, (Chi Liung Branch) Malaysia
Account No.: 311-592-1433

Please do drop us an email so that we may acknowledge your contribution unless, of course, if you choose to remain anonymous.

What happens to this fund after we pass? We are in the process of finding a new home—an organization— and a younger person who will take charge of further developing ALBERITH into the future. Apart from maintaining ALBERITH in all its needs, all remaining funds will go towards this goal. Once in its new home those entrusted with this project will, of course, establish new policies regarding its funding and management. On our part, we are committed that no money contributed towards ALBERITH will ever go to either of my two children; the Lord has taken care of them into adulthood, they are both established in their own vacations, and now they must trust the Lord according to His leading.

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