Why Are Material from Writers
who are Not Evangelical
included in Alberith?

ALBERITH is evangelical in its theological commitment.* The resources and further readings, however, do contain some items that some evangelical readers may view as objectionable. Where they appear at all, their inclusion is a deliberate decision. Our intended audience are lay preachers and leaders, not the ordinary members of the congregation or Sunday School students who may still be weak in their faith. While not having any formal theological education may hamper them in many ways, we respect our audience enough to think that they are mentally rigourous and spiritually matured enough to handle views that differ from theirs. It is not our intention to nurture intellectually narrow and compliant preachers. We are convinced that our Lord Jesus would rather have preachers and leaders in His church who are aware of what others think—especially those who disagree with them—and have wrestled with the issues than narrow-minded ones who think their views alone are the right ones, who think that they have nothing to learn from those who disagree with them. The only way to nurture preachers and leaders who are biblically sound and grounded, yes, but also theologically informed and balanced, is for them to hear out and to understand what others have to say. We would not do this in a site intended for Sunday School students but ALBERITH caters for an entirely different audience altogether.

* Though we reject the political ideology, methods, and manners espoused by Former US President Trump and the MAGA causus in the Republican Party at the present time (2022). They are, we believe, contrary to the ethics and values that our Lord Jesus taught and demanded and as they are affirmed and expounded in the rest of Scriptures.

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