The story of the Church is the most exciting story that can ever be told. No other story can rival its scale and drama. The Church has been the most profound transforming agent the world has ever seen. As Diarmaid MacCullough has observed, it is an epic story that has inspired faith but also squalid politics. It boasts a cast of thousands, from the ordinary people who turn out to be heroes to renowned leaders, kings, empresses, and popes, who show themselves in the end to be nothing but self-serving despots. From reformers to champions of human conscience, to crusaders and sadists. It is a story of criminal folly as well as the highest achievements of goodness and beauty. It is a story of both extremes. Today the Church embraces a third of humanity in its fold. It will continue to do its transforming work, though, we hope, with far less folly. If we aspire that the Church will move on to greater heights for our Lord, we need to learn the lessons of the past.


W. Robert Godfrey, A Survey of Church History. We recommend this excellent series of 72 lectures (each less than thirty mins) from if you have never had the opportunity to study church history before. The site has its own menu to the other lectures.
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Low Chai Hok
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