Common Abbreviations & Symbols
used in ALBERITH

Pdf Audio - indicates the format or medium of the resource quoted.

L - the article will open in the left-hand panel of this page.

M - the article will open in the middle panel of this page.

N - the article will open in a new tab or window (depending on the setting you have selected for your browser).

R - indicates that the article will open here in the panel you are now reading.

5-6 - the number in the box indicates the relative reading demand (on a scale of 1-9) of the article to be opened. The higher the number the more the article assumes of the reader; 8-9, e.g., assumes that the reader knows Greek or Hebrew. 5 represents a high-school level of reading ability, the assumed level of most of our audience. While upper-end articles are far fewer, they are included because ALBERITH will not assume that its target-audience (lay-preachers) are not bold or intelligent enough to work hard in their learning.

ABD - Anchor Bible Dictionary, ed. . 6 Vols.

Acts - Acts of the Apostles.


BAR - Biblical Archaeolgical Review.

BBR - Bulletin of Biblical Research.

BDB - A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament by Francis Brown, S. R. Driver, and Charles Briggs. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1907.

BSac - Bibliotheca Sacra

c. - circa, i.e., approximately.

CBQ - Catholic Biblical Quarterly.

CTJ - Calvin Theological Journal

Deut - Deuteronomy.

DJG - Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, ed., J. L. Green, Scot McKnight, & I. Howard Marshall. Downers Grove/Leicester: InterVarsity Press, 1992.

DPL - Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, ed. G. F. Hawthorne, et al. Downers Grove/Leicester: InterVarsity Press, 1993.

DtH - Deuteronomistic Historian.

Exo - Exodus.

Gen - Genesis.

GTJ - Grace Theological Journal.

HTR - Harvard Theological Review.

HUCA - Hebrew Union College Annual.

Ibid. - in the same place.

JBL - Journal of Biblical Literature.

JETS - Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Jn - Gospel of John.

Jos - Joshua.

JSNT - Journal for the Study of the New Testament.

JSOT - Journal for the Study oof the Old Testament.

Judg - Judges.

Lev - Leviticus.

Lk - Gospel of Luke.

LXX - Septuagint.

Ms, Mss - Manuscript, Manuscripts.

NDT - New Dictionary of Theology

NICNT - New International Commentary on the New Testament.

NICOT - New International Commentary on the Old Testament.

NIDNTT - New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology.

NIDOTT - New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology

NovT - Novum Testamentum.

Num - Numbers.

Op cit. - in the same work last noted.

Prov - Proverbs.

Psm - Psalms.

ResQ - Restoration Quarterly.

SBL - Society of Biblical Literature.

SJT - Scottish Journal of Theology.

Song - Song of Solomon.

TDNT - Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.

TDOT - Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament.

TrinJ -

TWOT - Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, eds. Bruce W. Waltke,

TynB - Tyndale Bulletin.

VT - Vetus Testamentum

Vox Ev - Vox Evangelica.

WTJ - Westminster Theological Journal

ZAW - Zeitschrift fur de Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft.