1. This is a work in progress, and will be for a long time to come. Many of the items are still under construction, but I thought I should allow you into "the house" with all its scaffolding and half-completed pieces here and there so that you can share in seeing where the project is headed and also to pray for me.
In its present state, this is the work of just one person (writer, editor, web-designer, encoder). With this, however, I can begin to show others how this 'thing' works and invite them to join me in the work. So, please be patient with me if you cannot find what you want (or that some of the entries are yet to be completed). Be assured, however, that if it is important to you as a preacher I are working on it somewhere.

2. To get a flavour of ALBERITH's spiritual orientation, read our entry on Theology: What is It & What does It Do?

3. For some of the resources to display properly you will require the appropriate fonts installed in your PC. We suggest the following fonts available—for non-commercial use—from the Society of Biblical Literature (you do not need to login for this purpose or to download any of the keyboard drivers):

SBL Hebrew Font

SBL Greek Font

SBL BibLit Font

Once the page opens click on Font download. Once downloaded, click to open the file and then click Install

4. If you have not read this book (4th ed.), make sure you buy a copy (you have to have your own copy) and work diligently through it. No preacher should be without this book.