Installing Fonts

Biblical studies necessarily involves references to the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible. To display them properly you need to install three sets of fonts on your PC. These fonts are published by the Society of Biblical Literature, and are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

SBL Hebrew Font

SBL Greek Font

SBL BibLit Font

Once the page opens click on Font download. Once downloaded, click to open the file and then click Install. You do not need to 1) login for this purpose or 2) download any of the keyboard drivers or manuals.

STEP BIBLE is not necessary for using ALBERITH, but you will really want to consider installing it on your PC as well. It is an extremely useful app for studying the Bible by Tyndale House. For a video illustrating what it does click here YouTube). You can download STEP to your pc or activate it by clicking on the link above.