Every Sunday thousands of lay-pastors and preachers all over the world take to the pulpit to keep the other 80% of Christ's Church going. With a full-time job to take care of, no theological training and, especially those in small towns, negligible resources to aid them in the preparations of their sermons or the decisions they make as leaders in their churches—many under life-threatening circumstances—they are seldom rewarded by any expressions of appreciation when they do well and often criticized when they don't. They are Christ's unsung heroes.

ALBERITH is called to encourage, care, nurture, and equip these thousands of lay-pastors and leaders, preachers and teachers who keep the other 80% of the global Church going and growing. This we do by establishing a growing depository of resouces that are:

• biblically rooted,
• theologically balanced,
• mission-minded,
• written in language that they can understand
• and relevant to their preaching-teaching &
pastoral needs as well as their personal growth.