Take a Tour

Instead of producing a video of what Alberith has to offer, we thought to make you do a bit of "walking" for yourself. Within each of the sections, just follow the instructions given. If this menu disappears from the panel click on the 'Take a Tour' link above again.

Bible - Select 'Bible' on the main menu on the header above → select 'GENESIS: Comm' → select 'Gen 1:1-2:4a - In the Beginning' → select v1 from the text in the left column (look around and click on any of the links to see what happens; click on 'Take a Tour' to get back here).

Atlas - Select 'Atlas' on the main menu on the header above → click on the red 'hamberger' icon on the top left of the header above to open the S-Panel → scroll down and select any of Paul's 'Missionary Journey' (look around and click on any of the labels to see what happens). Click on the x-icon to close the S-Panel.

I think you get the idea now of how Alberith works. Let us know if you like it or if you don't (and why so we can improve on it to make it more helpful).

If some of the text appears nonsense to you it is probably because you have not yet installed on you PC the necessary fonts for the Hebrew and Greek texts. You can do that by clicking on "Install Fonts" above.

You may see some boxes with letters and numbers in them, like this: Pdf N 5-6. The first tells you the form/medium of the link (e.g., Pdf, html, video, etc.); the second where it opens (L = left-panel of the screen, M = middle-panel, N = new tab,etc.). Boxes with numbers appear only to texts ad indicate roughly its reading demand: those marked 5-6 are easily assessible to most lay-persons, 6-7 will require some extra effort, while 8-9 assumes you are at home with Hebrew and/or Greek (but these are rare).