ALBERITH is committed to not charging its users for use of its resource. This decision is shaped by three reasons.

1. Our target audience are lay-preachers, esp,. those in the majority world. The founder and his wife know from personal experience, that for most of them money for educational purposes is always a struggle. (An online course offered by institutions in the West, e.g., can easily consume a month's income for some of these lay-preachers.)It is our conviction that no one should be denied access to understanding the Word of God for want of money. We are committed to making the Word of God freely available to all who wish to understand it and to preach it.

2. Alberith does not believe in re-inventing the wheel, and we point users to a great deal of resouces outside of Alberith. In doing so, we are simply acting as a co-steward with their providers in the care of God's gift of wisdom and understanding for His church. It would be morally and ethically dishonest for ALBERITH to benefit financially from what others have so kindly made available for free.

3. The founder of ALBERITH is also convinced that we worship a God who acts in answer to prayers. He and his family have lived for nearly half his life as a minister without a salary, but trusting in the Lord to provide for their needs in response to prayer. In that time not only has the Lord enabled him and his family to live comfortably, but also provided for his two children to graduate from a university that has consistently ranked the top 25 in the world. Furthermore, through the Lord's leading and provision, he and his wife have been enabled to build—beginning with only 500 MYR (less than 90 Pounds-Sterling or 120USD)—a home up in the hills outside Kuala Lumpur which they open to Christians to come away (without charge) to be quiet with God. We share James Hudson Taylor's conviction that God's work done in God's way will never lack for want.

This does not, of course, mean that ALBERITH does not welcome your participation in financing it. Far from it! We look forward to your gifts but only if you are convinced that the Lord wants ALBERITH to be 'your' house too. For this, please see Financial Support.

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