Ugaritic Umayyad Uriah Uzziah Uzziah (King)
Uncial Unconditional Election Unconditional Love Unction Unitarianism - Unitarians Universalism Unleavened Bread, Feast of _
Urban II, Pope Ussher, Bishop James Utraquists

Valley of Baka (Baca) Vassal Vaticinia-ex-eventu
Verbs (Grammar) Vespasian, Emperor
Via Appius Via Dolorosa Vicar - Vicarious Victorines Viper Virgin Birth
Vocalization Vocative Voice (Grammar) Vorlage Volition - Volitive Vulgate

Wadi of Egypt Waldensians Wallace, Alfred Russell Wallace, Alfred Russell Waltke, Bruce K. Warning Passages (Hebrews) Wars of the Roses Wartburg Castle
"We" Passages in Acts Wedding Weeks, Festival of Weltanschauung Wesley, Charles Wesley, John Westminster Westminster Confession Westphalia, Treaty of Whitby, Synod of
White Supremacy
Wilberforce, Samuel Wilberforce, William Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas Women
Wrath of God Wright, N. Thomas Writings, The WWI (First World War) WWII (Second World War) Wycliffe, John